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Andreu World Outdoor was born of the experience and the essence of Andreu World which, throughout its more than 50-year history, have developed its own industrial culture based on the manufacture of quality designs and excellent comfort. Andreu World Outdoor combines the naturalness of the outdoors with the comfort of interiors, giving rise to a wide selection of furniture composed of fi xed and modular sofas (Landscape, Landscape Alu, Sand, Calma and Siesta), seats, armchairs, footrests and Chaise Longue (Trenza, Sail, Serena and Sombra) and various collections of dinning, auxiliary and centre tables (Wind, Terra, Dual, Cross, Sand, Calma, Reverse, Aire and Mar).

For many years now, Andreu World has maintained an ongoing commitment to environmental respect and sustainability that remains a capital part of the Andreu Word Outdoor line. This responsible corporate attitude is not limited to production processes and waste management. Thus, all of the Andreu World Outdoor collections are made with top quality materials: ideal for outdoor, covered or interior use, resistant, reliable, elegant and always comfortable. In turn, these materials are obtained via
sustainable, wenvironmentally-friendly production processes. Likewise, the Ecolignus® wood employed in the Andreu World Outdoor collections is 100% recyclable and is obtained from reforested forests and the Chain of Custody throughout the entire production process is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certifi ed, thus guaranteeing the excellence of the wood, from its origin to the fi nal product.
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