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Architects of Invention

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Architects of Invention (AI) is an international company practicing contemporary architecture, urbanism and cultural analysis. To accommodate a range of projects throughout urban and rural areas of the world, AI maintains offices in London and Moscow.

Architects, researchers, designers, model makers and graphic designers work in close collaboration, and expert consultants are intimately involved from the beginning of the design process.

Our ambition is to establish an international practice bringing innovative ideas and sustainable solutions across the world. Our method involves careful observation of situation, a keen understanding of environment and change through minimal intervention and recombination. We seek to establish positive rules creating enlivened, dynamic spaces that engage with societies. Architecture is for society and our simple aim is to improve living standards and quality of life, creating ease and enjoyment for users. We look for ways to design objects that can accommodate many functions simultaneously. Our credo is that material has no dimension and that scale is transcendence.
What we do:
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