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Areniscas Stone - Pinaresca

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Areniscas Stone, was founded in 1999. We are dedicated to the extraction, elaboration & distribution of sandstone from its own quarries, located in the mountainous area of Burgos.

In 2006, Areniscas Stone was renewed and expanded both qualitatively and quantitatively. The R&D+i centre, situtated next to the extended factory of Vilviestre del Pinar, became the most significant element.

The evolution of Areniscas Stone has seen the introduction into everyday work of concepts such as R&D+i, quality control, sustainability, staff training, etc.

Simultaneously, technological progress and the growth of the team have turned Areniscas Stone into a company with its own identity worldwide.

The R&D+i team is in charge of the fundamental applied and technological research projects, both for Areniscas Stone and for other companies within the sector. These projects range from the generation of new materials to the improvement of the properties of stone. Additionally, work is carried out on the analysis of pathologies and on the search for treatments and additives, and, in the field of regulations, in the development of technical documents that fit the recent
Technical Building Code. The R&D+i department has complete chemistry and physics-mechanics laboratories to carry out its work. These laboratories provide for specific standard tests or for CE marking tests.

Currently Areniscas Stone offers its products with no geographical limitations. The logistic-commercial structure includes its own quarries, offices and delegations to provide a fast and efficient response to clients.

Our ultimate goal is to offer our clients materials with unrivalled and guaranteed technical and aesthetic characteristics, backed by a qualified team and leading edge technology.
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