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Axo light

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Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies in the rich world of Italian design. It was born in 1996 in Venice and immediately combined Italian passion for design with high quality standards. Axo Light has maintained the blown glass tradition and artisan workmanship of its Venetian origins, combined with avant-garde lighting techniques and innovative materials. Great attention has been devoted to the contract sector with the Lightecture collection launched in 2009, which is currently made up of six collections. The range offers around 5000 variations in type, size, colour and light source – a number of possibilities that can increase even further, as the company is always willing to carry out modifications upon request. In September 2008 the new headquarters in Scorzé, designed by Gianni Rigo, has been opened, while 2009 saw the opening of the USA branch, a fully operative outpost for the whole of North America based in Danbury, Connecticut.
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