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Mario Biselli and Artur Katchborian Office was founded in 1987, as a partnership started in Mackenzie Presbyterian University Architecture School, where both graduated in 1985. The multiplicity of themes, from public and private clients, moves the architects to a wide and continuous research on architecture and structural issues. Both partner architects are teachers as well, activity that brings into office the experience of academic reflections and research. This investigative approach, beyond their individual interests, becomes a strong characteristic of the office´s design process.

Recent Awards and Exhibitions:
- APCA Award 2010, Best Project in São Paulo (CEU Pimentas) – Sao Paulo Association of Art Critics (APCA)
- Rino Levi Award 2010, Best Built Project of the Year (CEU Pimentas) – Brasilian Institute of Architects (IAB/SP)
-1st prize, national competition for São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport – New Passenger Terminal (T3).
- La Biennale di Venezia - Mostra Internazionale di Architettura 2010 – invited office for exposition in the Brazilian Pavillion.
-1st prize, national competition for Law Curtis in Curitiba 2006.
-1st prize, national competition for the New Theater in Natal 2005.
-1st prize, national
competition for the New Passenger Terminal of Florianópolis International Airport 2004.
-1st prize, national competition for FAPERGS head office in Porto Alegre 2004.
- Semi - Finalist project, UIA competition for NJP Museum in Kyinogi, South Korea 2003.
-1st prize, national competition for New São Critóvão Station – Supervia in Rio de Janeiro 2000.
-Nomination for the 2nd Mies Van der Rohe Pavilion Award for Latin-American architecture 1999.
-Sao Paulo, Siglo XXI Universidad de Salamanca, Spain in February 2003.
- V International Biennial of Architecture in São Paulo 2003.
- "Living in Metropolis" Cultural Citybank / Arquitetura e Construção Magazine, October 2002.
- Biennial 50 Years: "Rede de Tensão" October 2001.
- Annual Award of the Institute of Architects of Brazil 2000 best project run (RCBF Offices).
- Annual Award of the Institute of Architects of Brazil 1999 best project run (Liceu Pasteur Library).
- IV International Biennial of Architecture in São Paulo 1999.
- II International Biennial of Architecture in Sao Paulo 1993.
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