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Blücher GmbH

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We are a medium-sized, family-owned company with international operations and we develop and market innovative system solutions within our areas of expertise.Our technological leadership in the area of high-performance adsorbers and sorptive composite materials is based upon over 40 years' experience in the development and marketing of life-saving protective systems. We ensure that we maintain our position by making sustainable investments in research and development and in cutting-edge manufacturing facilities.

Our strategic areas of expertise are

Individual and collective protection for the military sector
Protective equipment for civil protection teams, fire services and police forces, together with
Highly specialised solutions for the filtration of gases, liquids and particles for industrial and medical applications and also for special consumer goods

We focus on markets that are characterised by their long-term growth potential. We are supported in the expansion of our business areas by entering into strategic collaborations and partnerships.

In selected business sectors we aspire to become the leading system or subsystem supplier.

Our main advantages over our competitors are

Our full control over all areas of the value-added chain – from the raw
materials to intermediate products, design and manufacture, through to production of the end products and providing full system solutions
Knowledge of our customers and their markets whilst taking regional specifics into account
The development of tailor-made solutions to problems

Having excellent employees is an essential element of our success. Further qualification and training of our staff takes place continuously, right through the complete value-added chain.

For us, innovation means continuously evaluating our own processes so that we can successfully combine new ideas with already proven ones.
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