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BN Wallcoverings

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Who We Are

As one of the leading brands in the world for both contract wallcoverings as well as residential wallcoverings, BN Wallcoverings is the trendsetter for many decades in the business for walldecoration. BN Wallcoverings is part of BN International, with our head office located in Huizen, the Netherlands. With a design-studio, production facilities, technical lab and marketing-sales department all at the same location, we are able to offer the highest level of flexibility for our customers, top quality products and a service-oriented mindset!


New collections are designed by our creative in-house studio, who aim to incorporate the latest trends and technical innovations in our products. The creativity of our designers, in combination with the care and precision that characterize our work, result in graphic designs that have been used in many projects around the globe. Have a look at our reference list to see some examples.

Our History

BN International was established in 1926 under the original name of Balatum NV, at first as a sales organisation of felt base groundsheets which were produced
in Belgium. In 1929 the 'Nederlandse Vloerzeilfabriek' (Dutch Groundsheet Factory) is acquired, whereafter Balatum is able to use the label 'produced in Holland'. Due to a decreasing demand during the economic crisis of the '30s, a transition is made in the post-war period, to the production of bookbinding cloth and wallcovering materials.

On the 1st of January 1979 the company name is officially changed to BN International. In the following years, production of residential wallcovering is added to the product portfolio. In 1994, Platex (Czech Republic) is acquired, fulfilling the demand for emery cloth. A few years later, BN International expands further with the acquisition of Tektura, a distributor of contract wallcoverings in the UK. Our high quality products are nowadays sold all over the world through our wide network of distributors. In the Netherlands and Germany, Voca BV (a 100% subsidiary of BN International) is responsible for the distribution of residential wallcoverings for the consumer market.

Market Segmentation

The 3 main market segments in which BN International is active, are: contract wallcoverings, residential wallcoverings and cover materials. Please have a look at for the complete product overview of our covermaterials.
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