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Carvico S.p.A.

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oday, Carvico is considered the global leader in the manufacturing of warp-knitted stretch fabrics.
Strengthened by over 50 years of experience in the textile industry, Carvico has, throughout its history, gradually consolidated and expanded its global reputation in the warp-knitted fabric sector. The company has now achieved the dimensions of a solid and structured manufacturer, employing more than 300 highly-skilled employees in various strategic areas.

Carvico stands out from the crowd for its active commitment to technological innovation processes, continually engaged in the research and application of avant-garde solutions that bring products of excellence and quality to the market and produce a level of customer service that is at the apex of the sector. Commercial logistics operations are performed to the highest level, allowing the full range of fabrics to be delivered to anywhere in the world within 5 working days.

Carvico’s plant is located at the heart of Lombardy, a region with a long-established tradition in the manufacture of textile products. This is the centre for the entire manufacturing process, from sourcing of materials to dyeing of the
fabric; a strategic choice that allows the company not only to maintain maximum control over the quality of its products, but also to implement its "Green Vision", the code of ethics that marks the company's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of production through strictly eco-sustainable means.
This commitment is appreciated by hundreds of customers worldwide, including some of the world's largest clothing manufacturers in swimwear, sportswear, and outwear. They choose Carvico fabrics to create quality garments of unrivalled comfort and performance.
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