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Corbett Lighting

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For more than 40 years, Corbett Lighting has created and manufactured lighting for residential, hospitality, commercial and contract markets. Corbett Lighting’s superb craftsmanship and revered commitment to fine detailing and finishes are major brand characteristics and are evident in every beautiful design. From bias cut crystals to delicate Japanese papers, Corbett Lighting uses only the most stylized and refined materials to reflect the latest trends in fashion, design and lifestyle. Adhering to meticulous manufacturing standards, Corbett Lighting not only maintains a level of consistency in production, but produces pieces that are superior in quality and unmatched in execution. Corbett Lighting also makes available a large selection of wall sconces and pendants to accommodate a wide spectrum of projects and applications. With its inclusive, on-site manufacturing facility, Corbett Lighting is able to produce custom lighting solutions that exceed even the most exacting standards. In 2011 and 2012, Corbett Lighting received the ARTS Award for Lighting Manufacturer of the Year, an industry citation bestowed to the top lighting brand by lighting industry peers, designers and manufacturers. No other
manufacturer has received this accolade for two consecutive years. For more information on Corbett Lighting, visit:
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