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PLATINUM®: premium brand for photovoltaic inverters

Diehl Controls in Germany has been developing, manufacturing and marketing electronics for the domestic appliance sector for over 40 years and is embedded in the Diehl Group’s over 100-year tradition. Excellent product quality derives from experience, with daily production volumes exceeding 30,000 units in Germany.

PLATINUM® offers inverter technology at the highest performance level. DIVE® technology, SiC components and RAC-MPP® for rapid MPP location make PLATINUM® inverters, with peak efficiency exceeding 98%, among the best.

PLATINUM® string inverters in the 2-22 kW power range have the right solution for every system size and are manufactured to the highest quality. Intensive quality testing ensures a particularly low failure rate, producing robust components. The 10-year ex-works warranty and the option to extend it to 20 years for the majority of PLATINUM® products is standard for Diehl Controls.

PLATINUM® products also comprise intelligent devices to monitor power output of photovoltaic systems.
WebMaster Home optimizes private consumption and visualises any number of consumers, enabling intelligent energy management. The PLATINUM® battery, which stores solar energy and makes it available
24/7, supplements high-quality solar technology. With a capacity of 4.6 kWh to 41 kWh, it is compatible with all PLATINUM® photovoltaic systems or can be integrated in existing systems.

PLATINUM® places emphasis on customer service as well as product quality. The company therefore runs regular training events for dealers, sales staff and installation engineers in the headquarters in Wangen im Allgäu.

PLATINUM® experts help customers to find the right solution for difficult challenges – competently and quickly, either via telephone or on-site.

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