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E3 Eco Group’s mission is to help you build the best building or home possible. We believe if we do this to the best of our abilities, your home or building will be sustainable, energy efficient and healthy.

Our focus is to move away from fossil fuels and products that are not sustainable or helpful in regenerating the environment, and focus our energy on promoting and educating others on those that are. Our project experience has been holistically focused on developing homes that are energy efficient, produce less waste, and are healthier to live in.

After working in the green/sustainable building industry for over 20 years - and having been involved in everything from grass roots to Net Zero design and implementation - we can act and respond to any of your green building enquiries. We are open to discussing with you the technical, design, and resource applications for your next project.

Whether you choose to feature us as a team member, or prefer to use us strictly as behind the scenes consultants, we are here
to assist you in facilitating the use of energy efficient, sustainable methodologies through your designs. Our level of service allows you to seamlessly integrate E3 Eco Group into your team.
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