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EVA Optic BV

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EVA Optic is Dutch developer and manufacturer of high quality LED lighting for swimming pools and sports facilities. EVA Optic was founded by a couple of pioneers in the lighting industry with a unique knowledge of LED technology and its application in lighting fixtures.

We are the only manufacturer with a complete range of LED lighting solutions for pools and sports facilities. EVA Optic products include LED underwater lights, LED line lighting (alternative to TL), LED spotlights, LED wall washers, LED surface mounted luminaires and LED outdoor lighting (IP68). EVA Optic has a standard range of LED lighting products and also provides swimming pools and sports facilities of customized products on a project basis.

EVA Optic has an international reputation with its unique LED underwater lighting. Early 2012, we have introduced a whole new assortment LED underwater lighting. These new products contain all the unique features of our well-known A1 and A3 underwater lights, but are optimized and enhanced with some innovative new technologies. The Q1, A1, A2, A2 Multicolor and A4
RGBW LED underwater lights are characterized by maximum reliability, the famous small EVA Optic design and high light output. It is no coincidence that in 2011 EVA Optic lights were the most commonly applied LED underwater lamps in Europe. Since 2010, we are the main supplier of the Pierre & Vacances Group, which include Center Parcs Europe and Sunparks.
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