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Fabrizia Frezza

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Fabrizia Frezza, Italian-born, got a first-class degree in Architecture from the University of “La Sapienza” in Rome, Italy. She has been on the Register of Architects since 1990. Her love of art, in all forms, her travels around the world, her encounters with different cultures have made an impression on her creative spirit, enriching her knowledge and curiosity.
8.8.88, the 8th of August 1988 at 8am, symbolizes the beginning of the architect's creative career. She began working on private homes, stores and hotels. 8.8.88 marks the name of her showroom that opened in 2006, located in Rome. The venue exhibits her creative works in all forms.
Fabrizia Frezza was born and raised in family hotels and understands the needs of this sector. The architect uses her expertise and works with ease when planning and renovating hotels. She unites the rationalization of space, incorporating domestic needs, with hotel comforts making the hotels a home away from home. The furnishings, fabrics and materials are all selectively chosen for each ambiance. Her skills, high standards and continuous desire
to go beyond brings her to work alongside artisans and up-and-coming artists uniting their work, thoughts and creativity.
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