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Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects

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Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects is an award winning practice working for leading clients on a variety of exciting projects. Formed in 1991, we have developed a reputation for delivering successful results with limited resources through intelligent design solutions. Most of our work has originated through some form of design competition.

We have a track record working within the arts and culture sector and with forward-thinking organisations whose success relies on innovation. Recently completed projects include the Museum of the Mind and Bethlem Gallery - the first venue dedicated to the history of mental health treatment in the UK. We have completed numerous projects for organisations within the knowledge economy, including flexible high performance workspaces for IBM and state of the art places to learn for the London School of Economics and other leading universities.

We are not ‘paper’ architects – we are committed to ensuring that the ideas that underpin the design concept for each project follows through to the detailed design – combining the very best that modern materials and technology have to offer, with
fine craftsmanship. We have experience in delivering housing, from bespoke one-off homes to social housing. Recent projects include the regeneration of Pembury Circus in Hackney, providing new homes (50% affordable housing) and a community centre for Peabody. We have expertise in Passivhaus design. Our Passivhaus retrofit of a family home on the Thamesmead Estate was named in the Guardian as one of the top ten ‘eco homes’ in the UK.

Our contextual design approach has led to projects in a variety of settings, from a new neighbourhood adjacent to a wildlife reserve in Sevenoaks, to sites next to scheduled ancient monuments, in the green belt or flood plain settings. We have particular experience in the refurbishment and extension of listed buildings; completed projects include the extension of the Grade I listed Slade School of Fine Art and the refurbishment of the Grade I Listed Wilkins Building at University College London.

We are respected by our partners for our proactive ethos and hands-on approach and for our reputation for on-site delivery. We have completed projects ranging from £1m to £50m under Traditional, Design & Build and Partnering Contracts. We are proud of our long term relationships with leading clients. We are framework partners to seventeen public and private sector organisations.

We would be delighted to meet with you and show you a sample of current work. Please contact us on 020 7251 543.
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