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Giancarlo Zema Design Group

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The Giancarlo Zema Design Group is an architecture studio in Rome, specialized in semisubmerged architectural structures, marine parks, floating habitats and yacht design. It was founded in 2001 by the architect Giancarlo Zema as a dynamic and flexible organization, which guarantees the whole design process, from the concept to the executive details. We use advanced technologies and design software, which allow us to project and calculate different planning solutions. With the use of computer-aided design systems, we can realise 3D models, prospective views and renderings, by means of full layout presentation. This offers the client all the necessary information on the project before the realisation. Our projects are frequently shown in European exhibitions and published in the most important scientific, design, nautical and architecture magazines. In 2002 the famous American Popular Mechanics magazine dedicated the front cover to the Trilobis 65, defining it as "the most innovative project of the last ten years". Two years later the prestigious English nautical magazine Captain's Log, described the Jelly-fish 45 as the best
project that represented "the Italian Marine Scene" dedicating a splendid front cover to it. In 2004 The Sunday Times wrote about our work as "design in the brave new waterworld" and the New York Times defined it as "the new design of aquatic life". In 2005, together with the well-known architect Daniel Libeskind, designer of the New World Trade Center in New York, we took part in the international SFT Architecture Convention in Germany where we talked about our work on floating projects, which were defined as "the new style of living on and under the water". We believe that the future of architecture is on the water and that shortly man will be more and more inclined towards living a floating experience. For this reason our efforts are going towards creating innovative architecture in harmony with nature. With this aim in mind we have become partners with the ZLH (Pty) Ltd a consulting engineers company in south Africa for the engineering of our projects. We have been collaborating with the Underwater Vehicles Inc. a Canadian company, leader in the development of underwater vessels. They have facilitated contacts for the development of innovative design in the naval field. Our collaboration with the European Space Agency within the Technology Transfer Programme has brought to solutions for adapting space technologies, materials and systems to semisubmerged architectural structures and other projects. We also work with the Bugatti Yachts Ltd to design innovative super-yachts with hulls in steel and alluminium superstructures using Bugatti Marine technology.
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