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Jacques Moussafir Architectes

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Jacques Moussafir Architectes was founded in 1993 and, ever since its creation, the practice has been re-thinking, regenerating and reinventing the city. Inspired by his travels and by different building techniques, Jacques Moussafir draws on his experience to create innovative projects in France and beyond. Our practice sees architecture as an art form and develops multi-faceted projects, addressing architectural form, practical use and aesthetic value.

This approach goes far beyond the purely aesthetic, with each project we carve out living spaces and shape new environments where people can interact, share and be inspired. Harnessing the creativity of our interdisciplinary team of professionals, we design beautiful and iconic projects that transform spaces through imaginative interventions.

Alongside his architectural practice, Jacques Moussafir has taught at various architecture schools and he was also a member of the French Ministry of Culture’s “Artistic 1%” National Commission from 2000 to 2003. As a founding member of the “French Touch” collective, Moussafir shares his vision for the future of architecture.
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