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Jaklitsch Gardner Architects

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Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects is a New York based design studio that focuses on urban scale projects, buildings, interiors and objects. The firm seeks to create distinct and relevant architecture deriving from each project’s unique site, context and specific conditions. Throughout each project, the firm’s Principals are actively involved in all stages, from programming/research and early sketches to on-site supervision and close-out.

Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects believes that architecture and the built environment can communicate collective values, provide relevance, and meaning through the experience of a place. Our working process, our research and our investigations are about providing appropriate responses to often difficult and conflicting requirements. We see the opportunities in limits and constraints in the development of materials and the use of fabrication in search of the uniqueness of each project. We have a sensitivity to context, material properties, space and light, and long-term sustainability goals.

The firm’s work has received numerous design awards – including three from the American Institute of Architects: an Award of Excellence from the New York State Chapter for the Marc Jacobs
Tokyo Flagship Building (2010); an Award of Merit from the New York State Chapter for MOSCOT Eyewear (2009); and an Award of Merit from the New York City Chapter for Marc Jacobs Paris (2009). The firm’s bike rack design for the NYC Department of Transportation was exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute – Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (with a long-term installation at Astor Place). J/GA’s projects have been published globally in architectural and general-interest publications and journals, and have appeared in: New Stores in USA 2 (Edizioni L’Archivolto); New York Architecture & Design (teNeues); Restoring a House in the City (Archive Press); Xtra-Shops (Pace) and the firm’s monograph Stephan Jaklitsch: Habits, Patterns, Algorithms 1998 – 2008 (ORO).
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