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JSPR, a Dutch interior design brand which is specialized in creating very remarkable products series and interiors.

JSPR was founded in 2005 by Jasper van Grootel who graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven under supervision of Oscar Penya. Now, in 2009, they consist of strong independent designer and production team which stands for the base of the company. Various creative designers, supported by a technical educated staff to make sure that every product or project is realized to everybody's maximum satisfaction!

Their mission is to create designs that both stand for high quality products with an unexpected touch and pure creativity realized through professional craftsmanship.

They realize this by introducing products featuring innovative materials and designs in a combination of styles and personalities. This results in their own unique product collection, next to interior projects and custom production.

They love ‘simpleness’ and surprise by unexpected touch -and quality which brings smiles on peoples faces. They do not profess sophisticated products and styled designs but pure products featured in those materials which always offer people more than they expect.
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