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Karcher Design

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KARCHER DESIGN was founded on the 1st April 1991 by Irmgard and Ulrich Karcher and is a family-owned limited company. Since 2006, their son and daughter, Jan and Isabel Karcher, are also employed in the company. Jan Karcher is responsible for International Sales and Isabel Karcher is responsible for Research and Development as well as Purchasing and Quality Management.

We develop and sell high quality door levers and associated accessories in stainless steel and zamac. Since the year 2000, we have strengthened our position globally by continually developing innovative products placing our business at the premium end of the market.

Our product trade mark is KARCHER DESIGN lever handles with unique patented rose fixing system (EPO 942121) in round and square versions. Additionally, our latest innovation PLAN DESIGN can be milled into the door creating a completely elegant flush finish.

The expansive lever sets range on rose can also be converted into classic back plate options, offering renovation plates in various forms for multiple door types including glass and security back plates.

Furthermore, we offer pull handles and signage as
well as additional accessories to enhance the look of any door plus door stops and window handles to complete the design theme.

The complete range is made from high quality stainless steel, produced in a variety of colours to suit different surface areas. Additionally, an assortment of die-cast zinc sets is also offered within the range. Whether you choose satin stainless steel, polished or a combination there is a colour choice to suite every taste.

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