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KFF’s furniture from Lemgo represents 25 years of distinct design, very high standards regarding quality where comfort, materials and workmanship is concerned, as well as the acknowledgement of Germany as its manufacturing location.

These criteria, together with being open to new products, entrepreneurial flexibility, a feel for timeless design, characterise the successful development of the business founded by Karl Friedrich Förster in Hörstmar’s old station building in 1984.

The first big milestone for KFF’s history was the SINUS chair prototype produced in 1987 and which became a design classic, and has since been sold more than 250 000 times over.
The subsequent further development of its core competency, seating furniture, has since brought about many successful KFF models. Among these are the NIVO, TEXAS and GLOOH series of chairs. They exemplify the large spectrum of application fields of the KFF collection. These models come into their own, be it in a sophisticated living space, or in a commercial capacity in the administration of a hotel, or the catering industry.

In the interim, product lines such as
the UNIT and GLOOH for example, as well as the modular GATE bench system GATE have been specially designed for the business sector. Countless testimonials to this concept can be found in large-scale projects, such as sports arenas, airports and event halls. Close collaboration with our clients, architects and planners ensures the ongoing further development of the collection, and that many of our custom-made projects and designs are incorporated into the series. It will always be our goal, to offer products that are as expressive and individualistic as possible, which will do justice to the most varied requirements. That is why KFF’s portfolio is made up of a balanced combination of its own designs and the results achieved from its collaboration with international designers and design studios. Numerous design prizes and nominations and the sales successes derived from these both at home and abroad are what give credence to this company policy.

Alongside the traditionally strong German market, we have meanwhile also begun exporting our KFF furniture to more than 30 countries worldwide – this trend is on the increase.

In the future, we will continue to work towards the successful advancement of KFF together with complete input from our staff, associates and regional suppliers. This will no doubt ensure that we will continue to be able to meet the individual demands of our clients.
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