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Lam Architecture was founded in 2010 by Lawrence Lam, originally licensed as an architect in New York and New Jersey in 1986. Although its work product is world-class design, it is not a design “studio”. Lam Architecture is a professional services company that partners with our Clients from start to Certificate of Occupancy, and beyond. Lam Architecture personnel are an elite corps of professionals who are capable of undertaking and delivering design customized to your needs, but they also deliver untraditionally responsive professional service.

Mr. Lam has had an extremely wide-ranging career in commercial architecture, performing in leadership roles on multi-million dollar projects since 1990. Although a great believer in the highest quality architectural design, Mr. Lam also believes that architecture is a professional services business, and must be approached as such. Thus, Lam Architecture synthesizes the art and science of architecture, multi-disciplinary coordination, business competitiveness, quality control and quality assurance, customer service, and utmost professionalism into every facet of the company.

Mission Statement:

Lam Architecture repositions the profession by synthesizing competitive professional services
with the art and science of architecture.


Our Clients benefit from a business approach to architecture, where the emphasis is centered on client needs.
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