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Mactac Europe (Official)

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MACtac is your global choice for pressure sensitive adhesive products.

MACtac® is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesives. With manufacturing and distribution facilities in 14 countries and a strong presence and base in North America, MACtac caters to a wide range of industries, including labeling, graphic design, packaging, digital imaging, assembly engineering, solar, automotive assembly, medical device assembly and more.

MACtac has been providing innovative pressure-sensitive solutions and outstanding personalized customer service to a variety of industries since 1959 through effective technical support, quality assurance, custom capabilities and supply-chain efficiency. Headquartered in Stow, Ohio.

Examples of MACtac products used worldwide include:

•USPS self-adhesive postage stamps
•Mailing and identification labels
•Consumer packaging labels
•Pharmaceutical and Institutional Labeling
•Fleet graphics, vehicle wraps, and building wraps
•Solar Cell Assembly
•Industrial mounting and bonding materials
•Medical grade adhesives for device assembly and wound care
•Conductive Printing
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