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Meble Vox

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Meble VOX Company is part of the VOX Capital Group and exists since the year 1989. The company consists of: the Meble VOX brand - known on the market for its original solutions in the area of interior arrangement, manufacturer of furniture and decorative products, and the Baby Vox brand - furniture intended for children’s rooms, the leader in export to European markets since the mid 90’s, it cooperates with the world’s largest children’s furniture manufacturers.

The Meble VOX brand is a pioneer in the use of design thinking in furniture production. Our innovative approach is based on incorporating the results of studies of the changes occurring in the modern world into the creative process. We ask the users themselves about their needs and the ways they use furniture. We cooperate with sociologists, ethnographers and psychologists. We organize workshops for users, scientists and furniture promotion specialists. This knowledge allows us to create furniture which adjusts itself to the needs of the “modern human" - this design philosophy is best exemplified by the Young Users by VOX
and 4 You by VOX collections
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