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Novello Made in Italy Landscape

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NOVELLO has been creating and delivering exclusive landscapes, complete and on a turnkey basis, for thirty years, handling everything from supply and installation through to maintenance.
From design through to the planting of trees and plants, laying of turf, paving, watering and lighting systems, ponds, water features, swimming-pools, sports courts and fields, and CCTV and security systems, everything is handled smoothly and simultaneously by a single management organisation.
The private gardens, hotel grounds, parks and terraces produced by NOVELLO provide a high quality of lifestyle, because they offer the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.
NOVELLO is the ideal partner for those in search of a unique, striking, top quality outdoor environment; whether in the style of the real tradition of Great Italian Gardens or in modern landscaping tradition, it will be constructed by professionals, with careful respect for the balances of nature itself.
Europe, Asia, and Africa, in some cases with difficult environmental contexts, with different, constantly changing requirements, are all locations of past and present NOVELLO landscape projects.
Designer landscapes with a single common denominator: passion and the determination
to transform every piece of land into a paradise.
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