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Robin Monotti Architects

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Robin Monotti is an Italian born architect practicing in London. He established Robin Monotti architects in 2007 and since then the practice has worked on a number of projects ranging from residential to product design. In 2010 the practice won the RIBA Drinking Fountain Design Competition in association with the Royal Parks Foundation. The competition aimed to find the ultimate drinking fountain and Robin Monotti’s winning design ‘Watering Holes’ was installed in Green Park, London in 2012. The design incorporates circular holes which relate to the drinking heights of its users – adults, children, wheelchair users and animals.

Robin has also translated into English a classic Italian book called ‘Woman Like me’ by Curzio Malaparte. The stories were written while the author was building his own villa, Casa Malaparte, now one of Italy’s most architecturally treasured houses. It is perched on a cliff with windows and a rooftop terrace directly overlooking the sea. In the book Malaparte writes lyrically about dreamlike situations within the natural world surrounding him. The book and Casa Malaparte were important
inspirations for Yacht House.
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