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Sá Machado S.G.P.S., S.A. is a shareholdings management company that integrates a group of 35 companies across 4 continents. Performs an integrated management of its subsidiaries as it follows the movement of the markets and the macroeconomic trends at national and international level.
The Sá Machado Group has its origin in a construction company founded in 1933 by the determination and entrepreneurship of António Augusto de Sá Machado. Initially dedicated to the wood industry - sawmills and carpentry - it gradually evolved its operations to all the techniques in the construction field.
Sá Machado Group holds the following founding principles and values since its earliest stages: quality and technical innovation in the different areas of activity in which it operates.
With the optimization of resources, Sá Machado Group seeks a continuous improvement of processes and organizational frameworks towards a consolidated growth. Always aspiring to earning the confidence and loyalty of present and future customers by exceeding expectations, ensuring the satisfaction of all stakeholders, shareholder returns and ensuring positive contributions to local development of the
markets where it operates.
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