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At Sefaira, our mission is to help architects and engineers integrate sustainable thinking into building design, at the earliest stage of development, when these decisions have the maximum long-term impact.

We create easy to use software, which fits with your established workflows to revolutionise energy efficient, concept stage design. Our flagship product, Sefaira Concept, is now used by more than 100 leading architectural practices worldwide to create optimised, sustainable, high performance buildings.

By providing sophisticated analysis via an intuitive web interface, Sefaira helps users define, quantify and optimize the energy, water, carbon and financial benefits of relevant design strategies. Designers are then able to balance the investment between various building strategies, to maximize capital efficiency, minimize energy and water use and create the highest performing sustainable building designs at optimum cost.

At Ecobuild 2013 we will be hosting a competition at booth N427 in the IT Zone, challenging design professionals to test out our Sefaira Concept software. We’ll be offering a free Concept license for one year to the entrant who can achieve the highest level
of energy efficiency for our Mystery Building!

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