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TILT is a design and architecture practice. We design enabling spaces, creating inspiring atmospheres that transform the way people interact with each other.

Our vision for design is simple: by de-mystifying architecture and design we want to make refreshing spaces that better complement the purpose and personality of the people that use them.

We are leading experts on the design of collaborative spaces, encouraging connections and enabling innovation, from coworking spaces and workplaces to learning and healthcare environments and blended arts spaces.

Space design can energise or de-motivate in equal measure. It fundamentally impacts on people's experiences.

Vast amounts of money are wasted each year on spaces - both private and public - that are disconnected from their users.

Spaces need to engage people. Imagine an office that inspired you to work, a library that inspired you to learn or a job centre that inspired you to get a job.

TILT sees space as a tool. A tool that can be used to encourage users to explore the role of objects, furniture and design, and its impact on their culture and

We are at the forefront of a new movement for collaborative design, delivering space design through the end users, actively involving them in all stages of the process, from the initial design to the actual making of the space.

TILT's approach to design emphasises simplicity. A return to the basic question, what is the intention of this space?
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