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Triton International Woods

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Triton Woods was founded in 2002 as a hardwood flooring importer and distributor of wide plank solid and engineered flooring products. Today, we are a full service mulit-faceted company providing unique wood products. Our team of master craftsman can see any project from start to finish. We source only premium materials in domestic, exotic, and reclaimed (antique) hardwoods.
Originally built in 1887, our 365,000 square foot facility is equipped with flooring, timber framing and cabinet shops. In addition, we house over 10,000 square foot of architectural salvage items such as doors, mantels, windows, floors, and Our commercial and residential projects are completed in-house to ensure the highest quality control.
Our reputation, established through a discriminating selection of fine woods, continues today. We order from premium sawmills around the globe and operate our own sawmill facility for domestic woods. We continue to forge new relationships with dealers, installers, designers, architects and owners looking for unique hardwood options to satisfy their clients.

Manufacture, import, distribution of wide plank hardwood flooring
Domestic, Exotic, and Reclaimed (antique)
flooring options
Manufacture timber frames, heavy timber trusses, mortise and tenon or steel bolted connections
Manufacture timber frames, heavy timber trusses, mortise and tenon or steel bolted connections
Install and finish flooring and timber framing products
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