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The Núcleo de Arquitetura Experimental is a young gaucho office, based in Porto Alegre, that comes to prominence in the market due to the high quality of their projects. Formed by architects Alexander Rögelin Prass, Filipe Saur Santos and Pedro Comunello Felix, seeks to develop a strategic role, combining practicality, intelligence and flexibility during the creation and execution of works.

The enhancement of customer contact, combined with the constant search for sustainable solutions, innovative and contemporary architectural language invariably results in highly customized proposals with characteristics linked to local climate and available technology. In addition, tight control over the creative process and project management ensures security and loyalty needed to achieve large investments.

In partnership with complementary teams of engineering, landscaping, acoustics, lighting, air conditioning and graphical representation, we consider projects of various sizes and complexities. Likewise, participation in conferences and the constant traveling of studies have attempted to observe the best of global architectural production result in current proposals, linked to the globalized contemporary thought.

Currently, the firm is dedicated to projects for residential, commercial
and institutional, urban and landscape interventions, planning and design of street furniture. Possess projects in various cities in South and Southeast of Brazil, and several projects in Luanda, Angola.

The Núcleo de Arquitetura Experimental aims to create, explore, cultivate and experiment with new shapes and spaces that can thrill and amaze people.

Through architecture, which has at its core the interaction of the environment with human beings, we seek to materialize projects that demonstrate aesthetic concerns, functional, environmental and cultural, where the user experience is enriched by quality proposals.

We believe that the formation of a concept in the design of the project is essential for a solid and satisfactory result, where innovative and sustainable solutions combined with detailed studies of the design, materials and construction techniques provide consistent and fully customized outcomes.

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