Archello to demonstrate augmented reality and the Connection Badge at INTERIEUR 2010 in Kortrijk, Belgium

Archello, the international platform for professionals working in the built environment, will demonstrate two of its unique applications at the 22nd Design Biennale INTERIEUR 2010 in Kortrijk, Belgium. The demonstration will last the whole exposition, which is from 15-24 October.

The Connection Badge demonstration will present Archello’s networking and publishing possibilities for architects, designers and all other professions working in the building industry. A giant version of the Badge will be on permanent display at the expo. During the week, as manufacturers and designers get to know each other via Archello, these network connections will be added to the Badge. By the end of the week the Badge will be full of connections made during the expo, demonstrating the success of the expo but also the power of Archello as a medium for networking.

Martijn Postmus, one of the founders of Archello quoted, “The Badge is huge, on the last day of Interieur we want it to be full of people, companies and products that have made connections at the expo via Archello.”

Alongside the giant Badge a demonstration of products in augmented reality will be shown. Products published on Archello will be seen, moved and experienced literally in the palms of participants’ hands. Companies like Hansgrohe and Villeroy & Boch have published their products on Archello in augmented reality. They use the application as a tool to help clients understand their products. Exhibitors which are not already on Archello will be added during the expo with their most innovative products published on the site.

Expositions are always a great way to meet new people and companies within your professional field. Archello is the platform which allows people and companies to stay in touch after the expo, continue developing their relationships and generate business.

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Notes to editors:

About Archello:

Archello ( is a sector specific business networking site for every type of professional working in architecture, engineering and development. It is an open source website which allows companies and people to publish their projects, products and materials.

About the Interieur Foundation:

The aim of the Interieur Foundation is to promote creativity in product development and design, through the means of a major international Biennale, which offers an overview of the most recent developments and the most successful projects in product development and design. This is the 22nd Design Biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium and runs October 15-24, 2010.

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Share your professional experience in architecture

The Archello website ( has been launched in September 2010 as a new business networking site for professionals working in architecture, engineering and development. Over 1500 companies, many of them star architects, have already provided more than 3000 unique stories on Archello.

Share your professional experience in architecture

Archello ( launches today as a new sector specific business networking site for every type of professional working in architecture, engineering and development. Over 1500 companies 500 of them ‘star’ architects have already provided 3500 unique professional stories on Archello.

Archello is an open source platform, everyone with a story to tell on building projects is invited to tell it. From the famous architect - Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas (OMA) and Renzo Piano have told theirs, to the amateur photographer your experience of a project can be shared. A story on the construction method by the chief engineer can sit next to a story on the building climate by the tenants.

A new technology - Augmented Reality is a free application allowing users to present their projects literally in the palm of their hand. A useful tool for client presentations, Building Information Modelling and company promotion.

The slogan is ‘your connection with architecture’. Not only are projects and stories published on the site there are over 1000 building products and in partnership with Materia over 1400 innovative materials. There is the unique ability to connect everything used in a project from the façade material to the shower head.

The ‘Connection Badge’ a useful feature of the site, maps the project showing the connections between companies, people, materials, products, media and other social networking sites. The more connections a project has the higher ranked it is on Archello, which encourages networking. Martijn Postmus one of the two developers of the site describes the badge "it is the meeting place of a project and encourages the project to keep growing, the more connections a project has the richer it becomes and the more exposure it gets."

It was one year ago in a time of austerity that the developers Jeroen van Oostveen and Martijn Postmus thought the time was right for a business network which encouraged property development and networking between property professionals. The developers also own Architectenweb a publishing company focussing on architecture.

Archello is part of the publishing group Architectenweb, this includes, AWM (Architecten Web Magazine) and Materia. They cover architecture, design and innovation. is the most visited architecture website in the Netherlands. Materia is the worlds largest open innovative material database with over 70,000 members.

Archello sponsors: Hansgrohe, Under-Cover Doorframes, Rockwool Rockpanel, Steni, Mosa, InterfaceFLOR, Keimfarben, Shüco, Villeroy & Boch, Gyproc, Bolidt, Solarlux and Flos

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