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Marco graduated with honor and“just in time”mention from architecture faculty of Genoa in 2011. He studied under Professor Marco Casamonti of ARCHEA Associati and begin cooperating with various architects firms already before graduating, including that of Enrico Frigerio (Renzo Piano collaborator) of Frigerio Design Group in Genoa.
From 2011 started to work with Arata Isozaki in Tokyo, joining several competitions and projects in China. He’s already employed there as staff and oversaw Isozaki’s exhibition“Run after Deer”in Venice Biennale 2012 . He partecipated, with adjoining publication on offical Biennale catalogue, to the debate on the future of architecture in China in the exhibition "Trace of Centuries & Future steps" , directed by the chinese artist Ying Tianqui and Rene' Rietmeyer of Global Art Affairs.
Since 2006 he published many articles in several news papers and in 2012 founded “Team_U”, group of young architects with a aim of research in the field of architecture, city planning and design.
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