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In accordance with the Kyoto protocol, the European Union is committed to the reduction of CO2 emissions to a level below that of 1990. As the building sector is responsible for 35% of all greenhouse gas emissions and for 40% of the energy consumed in the entire European Union, the EU has therefore decided to peruse a strict building regulation policy in line with the agreement.

In light of these regulations, Ceramiche Refin has developed a series of Green events that are a testament to the environmental stance the company has taken.

A recent goal achieved by the company was the innovative Ekosan.24 technology, which saw the concept of tiles with a passive surface and a solely protective function develop into an active surface that can contribute to the wellbeing of man as well as helping protect the environment.

With Ekosan.24 Refin have managed to integrate particles of titanium dioxide (TiO2) enriched with active metallic elements onto the surface of the tiles creating a product that has 3 FEATURES:

• photo-catalytic anti-polluting: the particles become catalysts of the photo-catalytic
process, by means of which the tile can contribute to the abatement of toxic substances present in the environment (NOx, VOC and PM10);
• self-cleaning on ventilated facades: this application makes the tile surface hydrophilic, therefore water that comes into contact with the ceramic material uniformly distributes on the surface creating a sort of film that favours the removal of dirt.
• 24 hour-sanitizing action against germs and bacteria: anti-bacterial and enriched with active metallic elements that continue to work even when not in contact with direct light, therefore the sanitizing action is guaranteed even at night and in interiors.

Moreover, Refin products have always represented an excellence as they:

- meet the guidelines set forth by the prestigious Ecolabel certification, an award that can only be achieved when strict criteria relating to the amount of polluting emissions and consumption of raw materials and energy have been met.

- Some REFIN ceramic collections are also LEED certified, and they therefore contribute towards the allocation of LEED credits for buildings thanks to various factors, such as the use of pre and post-consumer recycled materials (cathode ray tubes of discarded TV sets), the containment of the heat island effect, innovation in design and technology, etc.

Important achievements, therefore, for a company that has always been committed to eco-sustainability, a value which Refin has always believed in since first entering international markets.
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