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Accesories for Drawers

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The company’s hallmark attention to detail extends to the very heart of the kitchen, “Inside”, with new
accessories for drawers. Items for keeping everything in order, materials specially selected for the
various purposes, in dark colors for a refined, contemporary look.
Available for all sizes of drawers, both inside (with cupboard doors) and outside (greater usable space
inside), the accessories are customizable and adaptable for a whole range of requirements and habits.
The basic drawer accessory is the smoked oak tray, along with a black linoleum bottom, with 60mm
high internal partitions.
The bottom of the baskets can be lined with black linoleum or with solid wooden strips alternating with
slip-proof rubber.
Accessories for drawers or for baskets are numerous and varied: solid wooden cutting boards and knife
blocks, spice racks with manual grinders, cloth-lined containers for valuable cutlery, multi-purpose steel
or wooden boxes, plate racks of various diameters, bread slicing trays with crumb collectors, terracotta
bread bins.
The Flagship Store display is designed in partnership with Vitra, for fancy goods and chairs, but the
showroom also features the first Dada tool: Sga.bello, designed by architects Giulio Castegini and
Zoran Jedrejcic.
stackable, with foot rests and slip-proof grooves, Sga.bello comes in 2 seat heights: 64/74
cm, to fit different types of worktops.
Materials: black or white leather, or matt integral polyurethane in either white, orange, mustard yellow,
curaçao or lead grey. Frame made of 12-mm thick satin-finish 304 stainless steel rods.
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