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Aluminum Surface Collections

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Aluminum surface collections are created using a combination of mechanical finishes, screen printing, lithography and roll coating. A broad range of surface finishes are available, from aged patina to bright and ornamental to technical and geometric. The different types of finishes are grouped into seven categories described below. Follow the links to see more about each group.

Technical: Technical finishes combine precise geometric shapes into simple and complex patterns for an endless array of options. High contrast or tone on tone looks work well with this group of finishes. Most take advantage of the metal substrate allowing the reflective surface to show though. In addition, they often use printed texture to add visual and tactile interest.

3D: Textured, tinted and brushed effects give a technical eduge to geometric grids and woven structures. Careful registration creates precise metal finishes. Selective brushing and texture add movement and depth to the patterns

Woven: This group of dynamic aluminum finishes depend on selective brushing layered with transparent tints of color and texture for the kinetic effects apparent in real carbon fiber trim

Manipulated surfaces are layered together creating organic linear structures with striations of brush and texture adding dimension

Modern: Simple clean design combines technology and material to create modern surfaces

Simple: Extreme simplification of shapes in stepped repetition on basic brushed aluminum. High contrast bold texture joins authentic metal

Ornamental: Finishes are involved, detailed, gilded and elaborate creating bejeweled, cultivated and flamboyant surfaces

Worn: Aged and patinaed surfaces combine warm and cool metal colors for a mixed metal effect. Authentic distressed metal finishes create an industrial look

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