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Beacon Projector Iris

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Concord is has enhanced its multi-award winning Beacon range with the introduction of the innovative Beacon Projector. Featuring a high output 26W cutting-edge LED chip, Beacon Projector has an innovative connecting snoot designed for precise manual focus and optimum directional lens control. Furthermore, at just 190mm in length, Beacon Projector is one of the smallest architectural LED projectors on the market.

“Beacon is a highly regarded product within the lighting industry and beyond,” comments Kuldeep Vali, SBU Director Concord at Havells-Sylvania. “With the new Beacon Projector, we wanted to enhance the range and offer new directional beam options, which are critical in the museum environment, without sacrificing any of the benefits that makes the series uniquely successful.”

Concord has a strong heritage in museum lighting and Beacon Projector is designed to continue the success in this area. The new lens frames light accurately around paintings without spilling light over the edges. Also, Beacon Projector has an integral adjustable lux level feature that reduces the effect of artificial light on any exhibit or artwork. The high colour rendering
index (typically Ra95) also ensures objects are shown with clarity and in a natural light.

Beacon Projector is available in three versions, Framing, Iris or Gobo, and offers something to suit – whatever the application. The Beacon Projector also has two colour temperatures; warm white (3000k) and neutral white (4000k).
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