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Biotex are a series of natural fibre reinforcements/biocomposite materials, including yarns, tapes, fabrics, textiles and preconsolidated sheets. The standard product range is based on flax, commingled flax/PP and commingled flax/PLA.

Components can be molded from the flexible fabrics, yarns and tapes using a number conventional composite moulding processes including wet lay-up, infusion, RTM, prepreg vacuum bagging or autoclave, compression moulding, thermoforming, filament winding, pultrusion etc.

The resulting properties of Biotex materials are lightweight, noise and vibration damping, thermally insulating. Flax fibers combined with PP or PLA are a renewable, sustainable, recyclable, and in some cases biodegradable material. The flax fibers combined with conventional moulding processes give it a combination of natural and technical aesthetics. Flame retardancy, anti-bacterial and other properties can be added with other materials or coatings.

Some of the surface properties, such as gloss, texture and hardness depend on the type of resin and the mould surface.

Biotex is certified to use in automotive interiors, with other certifications in progress.

Currently Biotex is available in different weave styles/effects, colours, weights/thicknesses, hybrids with different types of fibres (glass, carbon, kevlar,
polyester etc.). Custom made products are subject to minimum order.

Intended applications include, but are not limited to: sports & leisure, automotive, furniture, consumer goods/electronics, construction/architecture, marine, transportation. Biotex is mainly used for interior applications, but exterior parts are also possible.

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