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The Design Characters project

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As a specialist supplier of holistic solutions in the area of wood and highquality mineral and acrylic materials we are a partner for internationally known brands, architects and designers. With the »Design Characters Sequence 01« range Hasenkopf was showing the companies capabilities in the individual production of spectacular items. We have selected the well-known designers Stuart A. Veech, Paul Flowers, Titus Bernhard and Peter Martin invited to contribute to the project with their design and asked them to develop their interpretation of different living areas.

For this purpose par example Stuart A. Veech (Veech Media Architecture, Vienna) has designed the bath combination »Hydra«. It combines bath, shower and sink into a single, smooth space. The »Hydra«. streamlines the functions of everyday sanitation into a simple fluid system that effectively organizes washing and bathing into a seamless and unique form. A sculptural monocoque, it’s dynamic geometry molds together the central trapezoid bath to the two adjoining service arms of the shower and sink. The freeform shapes of the twin arms are swirling asymmetrical cantilevers thatprovide strength, elegance
and stability. Through this outstanding project Hasenkopf has demonstrated our broad understanding of architecture and design, and our design expertise in the value creation chain.

The Design Character Series by Hasenkopf includes the following four projects: »Hydra_XXL« by Stuart A. Veech/VMA, »Swan« by Titus Bernhard and Peter Martin, »Twister« by Titus Bernhard and Peter Martin and »Workflow« by Paul Flowers.

1. hasenkopf_design_character_01_hydra_2010.jpg, »Hydra_XXL« by Stuart A. Veech/VMA; Design Character Series by Hasenkopf
2. hasenkopf_design_character_02_twister_2010.jpg, »Swan« by Titus Bernhard and Peter Martin; Design Character Series by Hasenkopf
3. hasenkopf_design_character_03_swan_2010.jpg, »Twister« by Titus Bernhard and Peter Martin; Design Character Series by Hasenkopf
4. hasenkopf_design_character_04_workflow_2010.jpg, »Workflow« by Paul Flowers; Design Character Series by Hasenkopf
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