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Dichroic color effects glass

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8-Jan-2013 Indoors or outside, SCHOTT NARIMA® color effect glass grabs people's attention. This glass produces dazzling color effects in six different variations while conveying an impressive sense of depth – making it the ideal material for architects, artists and designers to create lively color accents.

According to the angle of the sun and where the observer is standing, the color of the glass changes. This effect is produced by NARIMA®s dichroic characteristic which means that NARIMA® glass reflects some colors while allowing others to pass through.

Extremely thin high-index and low-index layers are applied to the glass using a dip-coating process that ensures a long-lasting, low-maintenance product with a tough surface. Furthermore NARIMA® is CE certified and many processing options like safety glass etc. as well as formats are available.

With NARIMA® you provide an unmistakable air of prestige. That’s why it is particularly well-suited to high-profile landmark buildings such as major office buildings, museums and opera houses. But it is also the perfect choice for interiors giving them an instantly recognizable focal point.
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