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DuO waterproof membrane

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DuO High Tech :
DuO High Tech: a high-tech waterproof membrane made up of an TPO surface coating and an SBS undercoat over a composite reinforcement. Ideal for long-lasting protection of high-grade buildings.

DuO Landscape :
DuO High Tech Landscape: a high-tech waterproof membrane with a root resistant TPO compound on the surface and an SBS compound on the underside. Perfectly designed to protect all underground constructions or as a waterproofing solution for your 'green' (garden) roofing.

DuO Firecare :
DuO High Tech Firecare: high-tech waterproof membrane with an TPO mixture on the surface that offers outstanding fire resistant properties.The underside is covered with an SBS mixture. This membrane is for use on roofs that require a fireproof system.

DuO Mecano :
DuO High Tech Mecano: a high-tech waterproof membrane with an TPO coating on the surface and an SBS coating on the underside. The modified bitumen is applied to a specially designed composite support. This system is ideal for use with mechanically fixed roofing systems.

DuO Aero :
DuO High Tech Aero: a high-tech waterproof membrane on the surface
of the composite reinforcement, to which an TPO compound has been applied, while the underside is covered with SBS improved bitumen. This product is reinforced on the underside with bitumen ribbons designed to liquefy rapidly, for partial adhesion to the roof surface. The ideal roofing sheets for professional roof renovations. Tonen van dakrol en pdf idem zoals bij configurator.

DuO No Flame :
DuO High Tech No Flame: a high-tech bituminous waterproof membrane with an TPO mixture on the surface. The composite reinforcement on the underside is covered with SBS improved bitumen. The finish on the underside makes this membrane especially suitable for cold adhesive application with glue or bituminous adhesive.

DuO Bridges & Tunnels :
DuO Bridges & Tunnels: a high-tech waterproof membrane. On top of the extra hard composite reinforcement is a specially developed TPO coating, while the underside is covered with an ultra-sticky SBS mass. This membrane has been developed for waterproofing civil engineering projects and other structural and construction work.

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