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Evergreen - Die natürliche Mooswand

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Natural moss-walls

The real Evergreen never fades away...
The natural moss-panels serve as decoration elements for the design of walls, ceiling and other interior elements.
While other green walls need to be constantly provided with proper humidity and lighting, the maintenance-free Evergreen panels always sustain their rich green colour.
This soft material will captivate you and leave you with a lasting impression.
Through its special characteristics Evergreen creates a unique atmosphere as well as brings in a touch of the natural world into your construction project.
Important characteristics:
- maintenance-free (anti-static)
- acoustically damping (up to 90% sound absorption)
- can be installed on the large surfaces
- seamless wall and ceiling design
- other features (by request)
Due to the special manufacturing techniques the moss always stays green, fresh, and does not require any additional care. The moss is fragrant and pleasant to touch.
Other features, e.g. circular panels or other forms can also be created.
The panels are each packed separately and safely.

Appreciable improvement of room acoustics
Good acoustics are always desirable in every room.
The 5-6cm thick moss layer covering the black-coloured MDF-board allows Evergreen to
absorb up to 90% of sound.
The incorporation of nature has become popular in modern interior design.
Those who are willing to step outside of the box and invest in new interior design concepts will increase the value of their spaces.
The Evergreen ceiling panels provide excellent ceiling coverage and acoustic characteristics to a space.
Acoustically effective wall images and ceiling panels are only the beginning.
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