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9-Nov-2010 The metallic pigment Ferricon uses a high-purity carbonyl iron and new grinding technology to develop a coating that matches conventional silver dollar pigments in terms of its application characteristics.

The pigment has a distinctive colour flop from metallic grey to metallic black. Such dark flops could not previously be reproduced using a single effect pigment. The pigment can be used for creating dark shades and strong metallic effects. It has good wetting properties and the resulting pigment orientation create homogeneous and brilliant surfaces with good opacity.

Its magnetic properties give Ferricon a special edge : using permanent or electromagnets, the pigments along the lines of force can be reorientated, this creating unique effects with special depth and a three-dimensional appearance.

Ferricon lends itself well to use in conventional coatings, for example in the consumer electronics industry, automotive interiors or furniture designs. At the same time, functional coating materials can be produced, e.g. for IR reflection. These innovative pigments boast very good chemical, light and weather resistance.
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