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Easy to install, convenient and elegant, the indoor dry floor system provides the ideal solution for floors installed in exhibition spaces, shows, trade fairs stands, showrooms, temporary shops, museums and historical buildings, and any other environment in commercial and residential sectors. The panels do not damage the surface on which are laid, they can be easily removed and reused, thus respecting the environmental impact , the recycling chain and the sustainability process.

Each panel is composed of a porcelain stoneware slab connected to a support and a lateral edge. The inferior support, 2 mm thick, is in natural cork or polyethylene, with anti-slip function. The lateral edging in self-extinguishing pvc, from 0,6 to 0,8 mm , with anti-shock function reduces the perimeter friction between adjacent slabs. Standard colors black, grey; other colors on demand.
The porcelain stoneware is fire resistant, with good resistance to thermal shock, resistant to deep abrasion and chemical attack, it does not release volatile toxic agents and is easy to clean. Panels are available in a broad range of finishes and colors to
meet all the aesthetic needs. Standard module size 600 x 600 or other dimensions on request.
All panels are directly laid on the concrete screed , on the pre-existing floor or on raised floor systems without top finishing, without the use of adhesives or grouts. In any case the support must be mechanically resistant to the loads, flat and level, free from cracks and well cleaned.


Using top-quality raw materials the raised flooring has become an important architectural element that enhances the general design by affording freedom of choice. Thanks to the many finishes available ,the panels can satisfy every kind of need both technical and aesthetic, helping to achieve highly customized environments.


Self-supporting , easy to install , waterproof and frost , removable and inspected. Ideal for terraces , platforms outside the bars and restaurants , walkways, outdoor areas of commercial and residential buildings .
The joints between panels and the other allows rainwater to slip in the space below allowing water drainage. The raised floor allows you to inspect the underside for any repairs to the insulation and allows the eventual passage of cables and pipes.
There are two types of panel .

Monolithic panels
Modular panels monolithic porcelain slip (R11 ) 2 cm thick, nominal size 6000 × 600 .

Combined panels
The upper coating is made from porcelain stoneware, available in a wide range of colors and types , applied on a lower support in a monolithic ceramic material from 15 to 17 mm thick .
The floor is laid in place resting on plastic substrates resistant to changes in temperature and atmospheric agents. The supports, fixed or variable height, are available in various heights
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