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Foulard - Wall Cladding

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Stone cladding's as light as drapes in the wind
Vibrant expressions of design, lights and shadows, moving dimensions. Foulard is a modular stone cladding, belonging to the Drappi di Pietra collection, whose design and fluidity give to the wall a touch of exceptional lightness and dynamism.

A cutting-edge design project:

The three-dimensional processing of Foulard, the games of light and the stone shading create a refined effect of volume and movement, recalling a precious foulard ruffling in a light breeze. Indeed, Foulard is the result of a cutting-edge design giving this modular cladding an original aura of gauzy lightness, thanks to the perfect folds created by the sophisticated processing and the painstaking study of the reflective properties of stone.

Research on energy and resources saving:

The whole Drappi di Pietra collection represents an avant-garde design project, as it makes it possible to create shapes similar to the natural undulations of fabrics from a block of marble, while minimizing processing waste. The machine reads and translates the drapery, each cut producing the negative of a piece and the positive of the next:
the result is a surprising cladding, a sequence of folds, waves and ripples with a great styling lightness and fluidity.

A special, in-depth study was dedicated to the application system too, to make it as simple as possible despite the ingenious composition of these cladding models; in addition, this method also enhances their already excellent thermal insulation properties.

Size: w 60cmX h 60cm X thickness 8,5cm
Materials: carrara ghiaccio, beige canapa, pietra serena

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