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Gira HomePlug AV

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Internet from the socket outlet

Mobile Internet surfing throughout the entire house via WLAN is now standard. However, it gets complicated when the range of the WLAN network reaches its limits. Walls, ceilings and electric devices can quickly put an end to the fun of wireless surfing. The new Gira HomePlug AV network connection box makes any socket outlet into a high-speed Internet connection and guarantees uninterrupted surfing wherever you are in the house. Currently, Gira is the only provider to offer network connector boxes as a flush-mounted solution.

Those who want to be online throughout the entire house have previously relied on traditional WLAN connections. However, there is a swift ending to the fun of wireless surfing when the signal has to be sent through several walls or to other floors through room ceilings. Solid concrete or stone walls in addition to materials installed in drywall or electric devices can weaken the WLAN signals so significantly that annoying connection fluctuations or losses result.

In addition, in residential areas there are often malfunctions caused by neighbouring
networks which can seriously impair performance. WLAN networks especially reach their limitations in converted cellars and attics. Upgrading is both tedious and expensive.

With the new Gira HomePlug AV network connection box, any socket outlet can now simply and quickly become a high-speed Internet connection. The highlight: Data is transferred via the conventional 230 V mains supply in the house. That means that no new cables have to be installed because Gira offers the HomePlug AV network connection box for flush-mounted installation. In fact, Gira is currently the only provider offering such a product. Thus, the electrician only needs to replace an existing socket outlet, which is quick, easy and clean work. The Gira HomePlug AV network connection box can be installed to match the Gira switch ranges, ensuring it harmonises on the wall with any design concept. If you cannot do without any of your socket outlets, use the Gira HomePlug AV socket outlet adapter Mini. The device is simply plugged into the socket outlet, establishing a connection to the network.

However, the HomePlug AV components allow more than just convenient surfing in all corners of the house. The data transfer rate of up to 200 Mbit/s is also ideally suited for demanding requirements such as HDTV streaming or Internet telephony. By combining two or more Gira HomePlug AV devices, a home network can be set up and flexibly expanded at any time. Both the network connection box and the adapter have a patented energy-saving mode which automatically reduces the energy consumption of the device in stand-by mode.

Of course, as is the case for WLAN, data transfer is also encrypted with a password in the HomePlug AV standard so that no one can access your personal network from the outside. For this, encryption is either activated directly at the network connection box with the press of a button or by means of set-up software.
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