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Gira surface-mounted home station

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The Gira surface-mounted home station and surface-mounted gong offer especially inexpensive solutions for installing to walls. It is completely pre-assembled and only 21 mm thick with fast, clean installation, and with or without frames as desired. With state-of-the-art microprocessor technology, the unit achieves a speech quality comparable to that of mobile phones or hands-free units used in cars.

Five selectable ringing tone melodies are integrated into the station as well as the optional function: "switch light on", implemented with an additional switching actuator. Loudspeaker/microphone

The hands-free unit is equipped with an echo suppressor. The microphone automatically activates where the level is greater. If ambient noises at the front door are particularly loud, the speaker at the home station can activate the microphone with the enforcement function by pressing of the button. Product details
•When installing with a cover frame, a 2-gang cover frame without a crossbar from System 55 is required
•A cover frame is required when installing in a 58 mm flush-mounted box
•Easy installation via pull-off screw terminals
•Easy dismantling of home station and cover frame during renovation work
holes for wall and box installation
•Signal transmission and power supply of home station via reverse-polarity-protected and short-circuit-proof 2-wire bus
•Parallel connection of up to three home stations possible
•One-man start-up through simple start-up procedure
•Ringing tone differentiation for door call, internal call and floor call
•Operating keys with integrated LEDs for status display
•Eavesdropping prevention

Installation possible with or without cover frame (just leave frame out)
1.Strip the supply wire flush with the wall.
2.Mark the drilling holes. Select the mounting site so that the mounting plate is located centrally over the cable outlet.
3.Drill both mounting holes and insert plugs.
4.Attach mounting plate, base plate with the cover frame to the wall with two screws.
5.After mounting the mounting plate and base plate the home station is connected:

the 2-wire bus at the BUS terminals, the additional power supply if used to the AS terminals (if three or more surface-mounted home stations video are called up in parallel, an additional power supply is required per device), the cables of the floor call button at the ET terminals.
6.Close the home station: set the upper housing section on the mounting plate and engage it.

Installation in a flush-mounted box
1.Strip the supply wire.
2.Place the mounting plate with the cover frame on the flush-mounted box.
3.Secure the mounting plate to the support ring of the flush-mounted box with two screws.
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