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Gira TX_44

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Design Offensive for Indoors and Outdoors

With regard to the building equipment, architects can continue their ideas from the building as a whole right down to the details. Ideally, a uniform concept is apparent in the end – for the outside and the inside of a structure alike. However, so that the original style also comes through in the interior design, suitable solutions are required which must also satisfy more demanding requirements for design and quality. Modern electrical engineering supports the architect in the area of interior design with a large number of attractive products. Aesthetically convincing switch ranges, smoke detectors or control systems for intelligent house technology have meanwhile become attractive standard equipment.

On the other hand, the outdoor areas of a building often do not enjoy the benefits of this attractive electrical equipment. Nor do those rooms in the house and flat with a primarily utility value. Gira has brought a flush-mounted line onto the market especially for these applications. They do not deny their utility character, and nevertheless they meet the most demanding
requirements for materials and design. The Gira TX_44 switch range fascinates through a clear, reductionist form, which consciously underlines the robust nature of the switch. In the private home, it is suitable for use in the bath and kitchen, as well as in the cellar, hallway and hobby room, the laundry room or the garage. On the other hand, the technical appearance also makes the range interesting for sophisticated living areas, e.g. for a modern loft, in connection with materials such as glass, metal, open masonry, wood or concrete.

However, the applications of the Gira TX_44 switch range extend far beyond the residential building. With the sturdy design and robustness of the switch, the multifunctional range covers the entire indoor area of public and private commercial buildings. Frames and inserts are suitable for industrial or handicrafts firms, for kindergartens, schools and gymnasiums, for administrative buildings, large kitchens and supermarkets. This very broad spectrum of applications results from the theft and removal protection of the switch range, which is also water and UV-protected. It is therefore not limited to indoor use, but is also suitable for the entire outdoor area, e.g. for terraces, balconies, passageways and house walls.

With the TX_44 range, Gira has overcome the separation between indoor and outdoor use common in the world of switches up until now, while at the same time creating a new uniformity of design and quality. The high durability of the switch is ensured with shatter-proof, shock-resistant thermoplastic with a high resistance to weathering and cleaning agents, oil, grease and other harmful substances. The surface is easy-care and scratch-resistant. All cover frames can only be removed again following installation with special Torx screwdrivers. Due to their size, the switches can also easily be installed on uneven surfaces, like masonry with deep joints or uneven rough plaster.

The Gira TX_44 switch range designed by Phoenix Product Design meets the increasing representation requirements placed on all aspects of commercial and residential buildings. It is available in the colours pure white, aluminium and anthracite, and can be equipped with inserts from the Gira System 55 already successfully positioned on the market. From the socket outlet with overvoltage protection to the automatic control switch for dark gate entryways to communication connection technology - virtually all customer requirements can be met. The complete flush-mounted range replaces the previous water-resistant, flush-mounted range from Gira at the same price.
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