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Gira USB power supply 2-gang

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Mobile phones have one, as do PDAs and MP3 players, and of course a digital camera does too: Every mobile device has its own power supply unit. It is easy to lose track of them all. But now Gira presents a useful solution. Order can be restored with the Gira switch insert for the USB power supply. With its two connectors, the switch insert ensures twice the comfort without an additional charging device.

There are so many of them in every household. They are usually stored in a tangled mess in a drawer, and looking for the right end among the black cable chaos is annoying. Power supply units are still irritating accessories of mobile devices. When time is of the essence, it is also difficult to decide who can plug into the mains first.

At the same time, many devices can now be charged with a USB connection. Therefore the new switch insert USB power supply 2-gang from Gira offers twice the comfort: The cable chaos is eliminated while also saving time. This is because Gira is
presenting a USB power supply with two connections for the first time. This means that two end devices can be conveniently charged using its USB connection. So you never again have to decide whether to charge your mobile phone or MP3 player first. Furthermore, no additional socket outlets are blocked. The only thing that is required for this is one or two uniform USB connection cables which from then on fit into any device. Looking for the suitable charging device is no longer necessary.

The Gira USB power supply 2-gang can be installed in all conventional flush-mounted device boxes and can also be mounted at a later date quickly and easily instead of the prior connectors. Of course the Gira USB power supply 2-gang can be integrated in all Gira switch ranges and therefore harmonises with any design concept. With a charging current of up to 1400mA or two times 700mA, even power-hungry devices can be charged with the permanently-installed "charging station".

With its low standby power of ≤ 0.3 W, the Gira USB power supply suits the needs of those who used to leave their charging device plugged into the socket outlet to prevent tangled cables and instead ended up wasting energy unnecessarily.
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