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Story telling:
Having a plate of prosciutto and cheese in front of me in a nice restaurant, on very classic ceramic plate, with a bowl of olives on the side, and olive oil on the same plate as ham and cheese, it was more messy then classy. I felt an urge as a designer, there must be something I can do, something nicer, more elegant and very seamless way of changing that tradition.
Brain storming, sketching, modelling and conversations with professionals from a field of catering set my idea on the right path for creating this unique Guantiera plate.
Name Guantiera comes from old almost forgotten Istrian dialect, meaning „plate“ translated in Croatian. In that way I tried to keep a close bound between modern lifestyle and traditional habbits of dining.
I hope you'll like it, and experience a slice of hedonism I treid to achieve by making Guantiera plate.


On the materials
All the materials used in making this plate are made mainly out of ECO friendly matters,
with the intention of satisfying users food experience
and pleasure of dining.
Guantiera is a pure wooden finger joined plate made out of solid beech wood.
Ceramic plates were made with the purpose for serving olive products to prevent its leching inside wooden structure, and creating unlovely stains.

On the usage
Due to the very sensitive finish material, it's recommended to use Guantiera plate without cutlery,
and eat how it should be eaten, in traditional Istrian way, with your bare hands.
Guantiera plate is enough to be washed under the hot water with normal washing detergent and sponge, while ceramic can be easly wash in dish washer.
Please be careful while using the plate, it's made out of wood, and it can be damaged if it's not used carefully.

On the finish material
Since the plasure of dining and clients satisfaction is the most important part of design, Guantiera plate is varnishd with natural and non-harmful lacquer, which is aditionaly tested in „Croatian public health institute“ lab (HZZJ) , and certificated as user friendly, with negligible amount of chemicals, for a dish which comes in a direct contact with food.

On the Designer
„If you do what you love, you won't work a day in your life“ Confucius
Led by that quote interior designer, Matej Carić; enjoys life,
and simple pleasures of Wining & Dining. Gathered his senses of hedonistic lifestyle, and by small and smart effort combined authentic Istrian pleasures.
Dry ham, cheese, olives and olive oil, best combined with Istrian wine, will be best served on one special designed natural, wooden plate... Guatiera.
Well educated designer, technicly oriented, with the sense of aesthetics, is very proud to present and stand behind his fresh idea of quality dining and very simple hedonistic lifestyle.
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