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10-Jul-2012 3form hardware solutions are specifically designed for innovative materials that exploit design and translucency. The collection includes Point supports, cable suspension systems, sliding doors and partitions - easy to use solutions for all application

Slide system:
Precision engineered sliding door systems for Varia and Chroma – versatile, well designed.

3 solutions:

Exposed: Large exposed rollers provide an exceptionally smooth running wall mounted system for single or biparting doors

Exposed curved: Large-sized rollers with precision-engineered bearings perfect for any wall mounted sliding panel application for curved walls. 3form Slide Exposed Curve is designed to accommodate a variety of wall radii without custom fabrication. Working with the formability of 3form Varia Ecoresin and Chroma to create curved wall mount doors allows you to impress while keeping the installation and fabrication process simple

Concealed: Anodised aluminium vallences conceal a high quality roller system supporting single, biparting or bypassing doors for both wall and ceilings mounting.Wall or ceiling mounted unframed sliding door system in anodised aluminium, engineered to slide effortlessly. Doors in Varia or Chroma up to 12.7mm gauge.

Download the Slide pdf for full details
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